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Welcome to the Friends of Panshanger Park official website.

Privately owned by Lafarge Tarmac, the 1000 acre Panshanger Park estate has been extensively mined for minerals for over 30 years.

In order to gain extraction rights from Hertford County Council in the 1980’s, the park owners entered into a legal agreement to restore the country park to the original historically significant landscape with open public access for everyone to enjoy

Over time, some of the restorative work has been completed by the owners though not necessarily to the expected landscaping standards needed to preserve the historical integrity of the designs of Repton and Brown. In addition there remains very little access for the public except for some permissive and barb wire fenced bridleways.

Today there is mounting momentum for the present owners to honour their legal commitments of restoration and public access and a local group, The Friends of Panshanger Park (The FPP)  has formed to help facilitate the original vision for Panshanger Park is achieved.