Path Clearing

Work continues on clearing paths and adjacent areas around the park by our dedicated group of volunteers. Working parties convene for a couple of hours most weeks. There are plans to hold one on a Saturday morning if we have enough interest from people. If you want to join us in future activities, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and send us your contact details, new volunteers are always very welcome.

Below are a few pictures from our most recent session, we managed to clear a lot of rubbish that had been dumped, including an old sofa! Our thanks to everyone who took part.

Panshanger Park

Loading up the rubbish

Panshanger Park

Path improvements


Panshanger Park

A lot of rubbish dumped in this tunnel under the A414

Panshanger Park

Hard at work

Panshanger Park

The sofa gets carried away

Panshanger Park

The truck and the trailer were filled with rubbish. Well done to everyone involved.


Public Access Rights

From 1st January 2018 mineral extraction has finished on the Panshanger Estate.

This means the full Country Park is now open. This public amenity for Hertfordshire is a legal obligation, in perpetuity, on the landowners. As granted by the Secretary of  State for Environment in 1980 in exchange for valuable mineral extraction rights.

See Country Park Access Map on home page to see areas you should now feel free to enter and enjoy.

Fences or locked gates restricting access to Country Park areas are not legal obstructions to public access.

Who we are

Friends of Panshanger Park formed in 2013 to represent groups & individuals disappointed by years of delay in the opening up of the full Country Park at Panshanger. The Panshanger estate owners were granted mineral extraction rights in following a Public Inquiry. The resulting legal agreement obliged the owners to return a restored Country Park with a wide range of facilities to the people of Hertfordshire.

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