Colourised photo of the former house, demolished in the mid 1950’s

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The Friends Group is a voluntary community group of like-minded individuals who share the common aim of promoting the development and access of Panshanger Country Park between Hertford and Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. The park is remains in private ownership with a responsibility on the owners Tarmac, see: https://panshangerpark.tarmac.com, to deliver a Country Park as set out in a legal agreement from 1982.

Our friendly group has strong local support and we invite anybody who wants to show their support to email us. You can join our occasional email list, new committee member are also welcome. We hope to be resuming volunteer work parties in the park in the very near future. Focusing on groundwork restoration around the heritage assets.

If you want to contact us, for whatever reason, please email friendsofpanshangerpark@gmail.com.

The park contains numerous heritage assets, many of which are in need of restoration. There is also a sizable nature reserve which is managed in partnership with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

The park is generally managed on behalf of the owners Tarmac by Maydencroft. You can find out more about their role in managing the park here: https://www.maydencroft.co.uk/case-study-details/2888/Running-a-Grade-II-listed-historic-park.htm – Maydencroft also manage the park’s only public car park at Thieves Lane.


Panshanger Park, Osprey Lake
Panshanger Park (Osprey Lake) from above

Late nineteenth century map showing part of the park:

Extract from OS map of 1897 with annotations. Reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-SA) licence with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

In order to gain extraction rights from Hertfordshire County Council in the 1980’s, the park owners, now Tarmac, entered into a legal agreement to restore the country park to the original historically significant landscape with open public access for everyone to enjoy. Today there is mounting momentum for the present owners to honour their legal commitments of restoration and public access. Leading to the Country Park and local green space set out in the legal agreement of some forty years ago. The Friends of Panshanger Park (The FPP)  formed in 2013 to representing multiple local organisations and individual members, we wish to see our Country Park delivered in line with the original planning obligations. In the eight or so years since we formed encouraging progress has been made, but it has been slow progress. To date there has not been a published management plan for the park from the owners. Although we are hopeful of seeing such in the next few months.

Unfortunately the park remains on Historic England’s ‘Heritage at risk’ register. You can see the entry for that here. Our group is keen to work with all those involved to do whatever’s required to have the park removed from this list.

Below is a link to the review of the 1982 Legal Agreement by the friends group in 2015. The review showed that some obligations were not met in 2015. Whilst the situation has clearly improved since then, it is clear that there is some way to go to meet all of the obligations as set out forty years ago.

PANSHANGER COUNTRY PARK – Review of Legal Agreement, Owner Obligations and Cost Estimates

February: Snowdrops in Panshanger Park Woods

 A snowdrop expert has identified Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus flora plena at Panshanger but also some unusually  tall ones which may be hybrids. We hope that he can help us with a selection of other varieties which we can plant up at Panshanger to increase the interest. Historically Panshanger had a lot of spring bulbs such as aconites, daffodils and snowdrops.

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