The Barn

The barn as it stands currently

Visitors to the western side of the park may have seen the wooden barn on the left of the old haul road as you enter from Panshanger Lane. The barn has been out of regular use for many years, although is occasionally used for storage purposes.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions as to how the barn could be bought back into use. Please email us at with your ideas.

In recent years there had been ideas to restore the barn, perhaps as a visitor centre or community room. It will be very close to the new car park soon to be built just down the haul road. The Friends Group feel this in now a good time to look again at how the barn may be brought back into use for the benefit of the community.

Side view

The barn is part of the historic farm buildings which we know date from the early 19th century (from maps) and probably before that, although the date of this building is uncertain. A sum of money was set aside some time ago, which currently held by Herts County Council as a Section 106 payment for the disruption that digging out areas of the park grounds has caused. This could in theory be used to help bring the barn back in to use, but this would have to be agreed by all parties of course.

Surveys would be needed ahead of any refurbishment, such as a bat survey. It would need condition survey by a suitable qualified person, and a heritage impact statement. This all speculative at this stage as discussion is needed as to what purpose the barn could serve. Refurbishment costs could be kept down if the plan was to use the barn as covered space in way that didn’t require and expensive internal refurbishment. Electrical power will be routed very nearby as part of the new ANPR car park works. It is easy to envisage a power point could being installed at the barn site as part of that work.

The Friends Group has no authority to make anything happen with the barn. Although we can lobby the relevant parties on behalf of our supporters and the local community, to bring the barn into some kind of beneficial use. The barn is one of many heritage assets withing the park, bringing it back into use for the 21st century would be a laudable aim.

We welcome your thoughts on the barn?