Our Values

We have four key values that represent who we are and what we stand for:

1. OPEN      – vision, freedom, friendly,
2. HERITAGE – enforce, protect, restore, develop, secure and deliver
3. INSPIRE      – fun, educate, vibrant, passionate, innovative
4. TRUST      – trust, belief and respect

These are timeless covering the present and future and are the core to who we are.

More details of our core values are presented below:


Values of the Friends of Panshanger Park

The following is a set of four values to represent The Friends of Panshanger Park.

These are timeless, covering the present and future and also the core to who we are.

Each value is accompanied by sentences to provide context as well as some suggested associative words.

 1.      OPEN

  • The Park is open to all with a right to roam
  • We are open minded and welcome new ways of working
  • We welcome all people with a friendly and inclusive manner
  • We are visionary

 Associated words:  VISION, FREEDOM, FRIENDLY 

 2.      HERITAGE

  • We are proud of the Park’s heritage
  • We work to restore and preserve the heritage of the park, the grounds, the architecture and wildlife
  • We are independent custodians of our heritage
  • We secure the future of the Park for all to enjoy now and in the future


 3.      INSPIRE

  • The Park inspires and educates
  • We are passionate and innovative in our approach
  • We have fun in what we do which inspires others to be involved


 4.      TRUST

  • Our foundations are built on trust
  • We work in partnership to ensure the protection and growth of our heritage
  • Visitors are trusted to preserve and respect the natural environment of the Park
  • Held in trust for the next generation we work in the public interest

 Associated words: TRUST, BELIEF, RESPECT